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What are the risk factors of Stroke?


There are several factors that can affect an individual from having a stroke. Health conditions, lifestyle habits and other unavoidable circumstances to increase the possibilities of having a stroke.

Risk Factors


-Not only damage your lung but your blood vessels as well. and smoking increases your blood Pressure and heart rate.And High Blood Pressure is one of the leading cause of Stroke


-People have 1.5 greater chance of having a stroke according to Study

High Cholesterol

-Excessive bad cholesterol restricts your blood flow and that increases  the development of Blood clot

Obesity or Overweight

-More physical Activities  reduce the cause of Stroke

Related Artery Diseases

-when blood begins to block the artery that supplies most blood to your brain because of fatty buildup of plaque, and when blood starts to clot. This causes a stroke.

Transient Ischemic Attacks

-also known as,ministroke, Early treatment could reduce the risk of major Stroke.

 Heart diseases

-avoid smoking or second-hand smoke, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, maintain lower blood pressure, healthy diet and regular check-ups

Blood Disorder

-increased in red blood Supply means you’re most likely to develop blood clots thus you are at risk of Stroke.

Excessive Alcohol intake.

-Raises Blood Pressure


My Blood Pressure was 90/60 and obviously not hypertensive at age 28. Was not a smoker and didn’t even try to smoke and  even distanced myself from the Smokers.

I drink beers but occasionally and only 2 bottles are my limit. I was weighing 115 lbs which were ideal for my health condition and no diabetes with low Cholesterol Level.

However, December 0f 2008, it was a company Christmas Party, Beers were flowing, Vodka, Rum, whisky, etc. I couldn’t remember what I was drinking that night, it was a blast. I had so much fun.It was all mixed of everything.

Prior to that Party.

I never had enough and decent sleep for almost three months because I was new to the company and I wanted to be regularized. The worst scenario was I forgot to take my medicine(for three months), my anti-coagulant medicine….Wrong move!

T'was too late

Because of this stupid mistake, my blood thickens and I had a blood clot in my Brain, I was diagnosed with mild Ischemic Stroke.

I was very sorry for myself but it was all too late.

Every Stroke victim has their own unique health background, thus not all Survivors had the same reasons why they had it.Personally, I have a Heart Disease called Rheumatic Heart Disease and I missed taking my medication for blood thinner (anticoagulant) and that’s the reason why I had a stroke.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was also lacking in Physical Activities and I am the only member of my family that has heart Condition.

Spending Christmas Holidays in the ICU(Intensive Care Unit)

Let’s continue…Just like what happened to me almost 10 years ago on December 24, 2008. It was the night of our Christmas Party. Had so much fun and drunk countless bottles of beer, rum and whisky. Had a blast that night, went home to sleep and woke up the following day with a headache.
I brushed away the headache thinking it was just a hang-over brought about by my drinking spree the night before. I went on with my day as we scheduled it. It was the wedding of my college friend so we prepared to go to church to witness the wedding. My headache even disappeared after attending the mass and so I was totally fine the whole day.
But before the day ended, at 9 PM, I was leaning my back against the wall while talking to my college friends, I noticed that my body starts to lean on the left side. Again, I just shrugged it off thinking that I am already becoming a little bit tipsy because of the rum I am drinking. But, minutes after, I started to slur as I talk, and this was observed by my friends and asked me immediately if I am alright. I said I’m okay but they felt something different that they already called the emergency hotline. We were at the hotel that night. When the medics arrived they did some tests and declared that it was a stroke!



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