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Weight, Blood Pressure and its Complications


Body Weight and High Blood Pressure Relationships

Last month, I visited my doctor(Cardiologist), who has been monitoring my heart for the last 10 years. She noticed that I am gaining additional weight and told me to just stay that way.

Additional weight can cause a possible High Blood Pressure because every additional weight you put into your body, your heart exerts more effort to transport the blood in every part of your body.

Thus, I wonder about the blood pressure of some of my officemates who weigh around twice or even 5 times my weight.

Here is what I noticed and my observation as well. I have friends from different fields of works but consistently, those who work on a graveyard shift and who sit the whole day are obese. They have weight problems.

Understanding  High Blood Pressure, Better…

Think of it as if we are lifting weights, our muscles get stronger and thicker, right? Blood Pressure is like the weight that our heart lifts. And our heart has to work harder,  arteries get thick and stiff as the pressure increases and it starts to damage the arteries.
Arteries are like the tubes(pipeline) where it transports the blood to different parts of the body. Imagine it’s the pipeline of your home water system, it’s where your water(blood) flows but more complex.
Since the blood travels inside the artery(pipeline) and it pushes the blood against the wall or muscle of the artery. The pressure starts to damage the tissue. This pushing action is your Blood Pressure. The muscle of the artery holds that pressure to keep it in shape.
When the damage has begun in the artery, small tears start to form. Bad cholesterol attaches itself to the damaged wall tissue and starts to block the artery and it narrows eventually.
 If the artery gets narrowed the lesser space for your blood to move and flow. Watch the video to understand it better.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjHuxqNV5Ts[/embedyt]
Insufficient blood supply and damaged tissue in the artery cause chest pain, irregular heartbeat and worst is heart failure and Death.

Take note that the more extra pounds we put in our body, our heart has to work harder to pump that blood. Unmanaged Blood Pressure can damage blood vessels. If left untreated, below are the possible health issues that it may lead you:

15 Possible Health complications:


2. Dementia

3.Memory Problem

4. Bleeding in the eye

5. Loss of Vision

6. Sleep Apnea

7. Stroke

8. Heart Failure

9. Artery Damage

10. Erectile Dysfunction

11. Hardening of the Arteries

12. Blot Clot

13. Vaginal Dryness

14. Osteoporosis


extra weight

A typical Asian guy like me, at age 37  that stands 5’6″ with a 140 lbs weight and with blood Pressure of 120/90 mm HG  puts me in an ideal Blood Pressure as an adult, according to Blood Pressure chart.See below:


Blood Pressure Chart 

check if your weight, height and age fall within normal and ideal value:


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