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Tips on how to Survive in a Work Place after Stroke:Memory Problem


I think losing a job is one of the scariest events that ever happened to me. Soon after I had a stroke, there were two things that went through my mind. first, I need to recover fast and second was to return to work. Returning to work was my biggest motivation to feel normal, again.

Normal for me is returning to work, earn money to provide food and help my wife. My thinking was to regain whatever I temporarily loss and be back on my feet. Because I believe I can be normal again.

I applied to several jobs and got accepted however some of them I lost because I can’t perform the job as others do. Most of the jobs I performed involves computer use and speaking. they didn’t last because I couldn’t keep up with the customer, I can’t do multi-tasking like pulling out the customer information from different systems tools, Because, I had to be quick in using the computer like typing and moving the mouse at the same time.

What really irritates me most of the time is recalling which application to open and worst of all, recalling each application password. It is very common and understandable that we lose our focus and will have a memory and thinking problem. The scenario is that I can store information, in my head but losing them in the end. I can’t keep the full details, so when someone asked me about the date,  the name, the place, especially numbers, etc. that’s where my frustration starts and stressed me out.

What adds to these  are when I was asked to do things where I hardly remember anything and my colleagues starts making a comment like “that was already taught to you”, “We’ve shown that to you”, “that was already mentioned the other day”,

I had this feeling that starts people think that I am incompetent, I don’t fit on the position that I may be stupid, and people would start losing their trusts. People will doubt your abilities that you can’t perform the job.

I lost several jobs during the 10 year period because of this. I think I held more or less 10 different job positions I tried to secure myself with a stable job where I can still provide food for my family.

For me recovering from Stroke is not enough until I  feel comfortable and start doing things before the Stroke hits me. I truly appreciate that I was given a second chance, to live a better life, to be with my family but I wanted to maximize what  I am and what I have now. I am contented  but I want to show myself,no excuses

Those experiences taught me a lot of things, I failed but I got up.

Some of us in this world if not most wanted to keep their job to have a steady income, to provide, to live a normal life.

Below are my personal tips you have to remember to keep up with your work:

Tip #1. Pen and paper.

this is what successful people always bring because it’s handy. Not everything can be remembered especially by us, Stroke survivors. Make it a habit to document, write everything down even the smallest details. Make it a habit to write. for me, writing is not enough to be far more effective. I take pictures, I screenshot everything.

Tip#2. Create a manual or complete instructions.

In addition to taking some notes. I document as much as I can. Like complete Step 1 to Step x. Until I can familiarize myself with the task.I call this cheat sheet.this is something that you can always read and review to keep up with your officemates.

Tip #3 Ask Questions

If you think, you are confused, Because I tend to mix up everything and ended up being puzzled.

I suggest you keep on asking things until you start to understand everything. The more you ask, the more you remember.

and don’t forget to write them all down. it wouldn’t hurt if you ask., be curious.

Tip #4. Be Less Sensitive and be more Confident

Remember, you can’t always please everyone in your workplace. Not everyone will show empathy. Some would think you slow down the team, you do not contribute to your team’s success.

Some will judge you because of your disability. Some people will not UNDERSTAND  our  disability

Do not think of what other people may say. As long as you are doing job, correctly t, you should be good. I started to develop my Confidence but too overconfident.

I might be a single-handed person, performing my tasks using my right hand alone.

But I know I can keep up with you.

One time, there was an awarding ceremony and  I took all the awards!

It may be just a piece of paper but I  have the pride to show to my team . Considering myself with Disability but it doesn’t make less of me.

Below are proof of my work

Showing these awards is not t brag but to serve as an inspiration to those who are being challenged because of our disability. We have to bring out the best on us.this is to show that I also had the same experience as you are.

I encountered several rejections when I was applying for a job when they discovered that I have some disabilities. don’t be discouraged but instead, use them to encourage you, and move forward. It’s not the end. they are not the only company that exists. Search for a better job that suits you.

And during the interview, I always tell them that I had a stroke., at least they know what to expect from you. If they called back for the next stage of the interview.

Do good, do it better. Showcase and Sell yourself.

Improve yourself, don’t settle.


It is you who is going to adjust in the Work place , not  your colleagues or your employer.



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