October 27

Returning to work After My Stroke


Well, it took me 2 months long before I was able to recover from this major life event.
During my recovery, I had to focus on two major things, I have to improve the way I speak, ensuring that each word is understandable because I am a Trainer and the other one is improving the way I walk without losing my balance and without the cane assistance.
I had to double my time improving myself as I really wanted to provide something for my family, as a father, and as a husband.
Eventually, my walking ability starts to improve, the same thing with the way I speak. I still had a weak body, especially my left side, I can walk and move but not that way I used to. I can speak clearly but I have to say each word slowly, and carefully.

After two months of focus, the company that I used to work with was just so generous to accept me and start working with the whole team again.
Returning to work was really a big challenge after the incident, but life must go on. You need to start rebuilding your confidence. I know it is awkward when the people you know start staring at you. And you are thinking they are judging by the way how you move and talk. I know the feeling, I’ve been there, the only way I conquered that feeling was to slowly build my confidence.

I know you might be conscious but don’t worry these people are matured enough to understand your situation. I know it’s hard, but when you started to learn and accept the reality, everything will be normal and you will become happy.

Do not focus on what you can’t do but instead, shift your focus on the things that you can do, what you can offer?

Every victim has a unique situation and how it massively affect their lifestyle and personality.
If you think you can no longer back to normal, slowly build up your confidence, fill your heart with positivity. Slowly improve on what needs to be improved. Ask yourself, what else I can do to improve?
Surround yourself with the people you trust, the people who believe in you.

If you lost your job because you had a stroke and you’re jobless now, present yourself as Normal. during the interview. Be yourself and act naturally.
Been through with different jobs after my Stroke. I spent most of my employment career in IT. So I am dealing with computers which means I can operate a computer using a single hand, In fact, I can type on the keyboard as if I had two hands. Yes, that’s true.

I am undergoing Occupational Therapy to improve my finger movement.
I have to strengthen what’s weak on me. At the same time taking advantage of what’s left.

I might have lost the ability to use both hands. But I am still grateful because I still have my right hand to do the task. I composed this entire article using with my single right hand.

Focus on what you can offer. Be positive. Otherwise, you will feel useless. And you do not want to feel that way, right? Take advantage of what else you can do. So start thinking now, what else can you do to reset your life back to Normal and be happy?
Take Action and take controlĀ  Now!


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