October 27

Recovering from Stroke-What to expect during your Recovery?


I would like to share with you the challenges I went through and what to expect during our Recovery and during your day to day life.

There were lots of challenges that I encountered during the period of my Recovery. Challenges on my daily activities, from getting off my bed, eating my foods, taking showers, dressing like putting my dress on, pants, socks and tying my shoes. All these activities require two hands, right? I have slowly learned all these and developed my skill by just using a single hand.

Driving a car could be a bit of a challenge too. How about on your daily commute say on a bus?
Can you imagine yourself doing all these using your one hand?

First, being frustrated trying to do a simple task by a single hand is Normal. Just be patient, practice.
At first, I was also really struggling to do all these myself but then I realized there is even more. That when I returned to work.

I had an issue with my comprehension, and this is expected during the Recovery.

I had to read the sentence, the paragraph twice. Had to ask people twice about what they’re saying or asking me to do which sometimes irritate them. This was the stage where I felt really frustrated. I cried a lot. I ‘d rather stay at home and talk to no one because I was afraid of being laughed about.

I felt like, I am a bucket with a lot of holes. I am starting to lose my memory

I had difficulty keeping the information for a long period of time. This is true. One-third of Stroke survivors will develop memory Loss. My wife got scared every time because I tend to forget things, and what worries her the most is one day I won’t be able to remember their names. Which did not happen, and that I am very thankful.
Keeping the information in our head is an important task on our day to day living, most especially during communication and at work.

That went for years, but my memory has improved a lot. and what I did were and still doing them continuously up until now:


I gave my brain enough time to rest. Whenever I feel sleepy, I sleep. I follow what my body asks. I slept a lot during my recovery period. I easily get tired even until now, you have to do what your body asks. You need enough rest.

Activities that will improve your memory is by reading books, watching movies and answering crossword puzzles, and most importantly, communicate with people around you. involve yourself, your brain by thinking. With these, you are training your mind and the more you do it the more you become your old self. Memory Loss is a short term unless you start training your brain.

We can’t do all these all by ourselves but we also need the help of the people around us, friends and family, etc.
But everything should start with us. We can’t just simply rely on the medicines that we take daily, we should also have the courage to get through this.

You might be blaming yourself why it happened but what’s done is done. Life must go on.

Let’s appreciate and be very thankful that we all survived, that we were given a chance to be with our family.

Let’s just remind ourselves that this serves a lesson to us. Just avoid another attack.


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