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Motivation After Stroke



How to Motivate a Stroke Survivor: Rehabilitation

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Motivation is a big factor in everything that we do. If you want to achieve something, you need some motivation to start with.

You start losing motivation when you feel that you are tired and hopeless especially if you’re not seeing the result that you desire.

Stroke survivors often experience depression right after the stroke, most especially when a patient was hard hit by a stroke leaving him unable to do the things he enjoys doing. How to keep them motivated to continue with their therapy is an obstacle a caregiver or those people around the stroke survivor would often experience.
If you are a caregiver or you have a family member who suffered a stroke, there are things you can do to help them be motivated. You can do the following:

1. Set Specific and Realistic Goals

In addition to teaching them the ordinary routine, a person does daily, like brushing his teeth, holding a spoon and fork, dressing up and others, tailor a goal that is specifically relevant to what the patient loves to do before the stroke happened. Like, if the patient loves to sketch or draw, set achievable goals like holding a pencil the right way.

Set a goal, if you want to achieve something for yourself. Set a Target and focus.

Don’t give up, be positive and be consistent.


2. Make them understand the process

stroke recovery process


Help them understand that they need to undergo the process in order for them to fully recover, that they cannot make it on their own yet, and that they need help at the moment. Recovery takes time and cannot be rushed your.

Recovery is a step by step Process.


3. Set a process and make it a routine

Consistently doing the same routine daily builds motivation like how to strengthen the weak arm and leg or balancing perhaps. This would make you see and feel the improvement over time. It would inspire you to go on and start to feel light about the situation. Continuous Rehabilitation and physical activities in order to strengthen the affected side and to train your brain and body once more. Video exercises are shown below:




4. Reinforce the patient by Inspiring

Depending on the severity of the damage done by the stroke to the patient, when the patient is having a hard time going back to his normal condition. We can inspire them by telling them stories or showing them with videos with the same challenges and yet were able to recover and come back and start enjoying things just before they were hit by the stroke.

Every stroke patient could feel frustrated about their situation. But helping and guiding them try to figure out things would encourage them to go back to their normal condition.







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