October 27

Jobs for Stroke Survivors



I  could be one of those Stroke survivors that during the recovery fears and worries on how to live a normal life again, after Stroke. Fears that we can no longer enjoy our lives before the attack. Yes, it could be true.

As for myself. I was really determined to recover and improve quickly and go back to work. During that time, I have been working as a Trainer, which requires long hours of talking in front of the class and standing and a mix of walking. Aside from that is a complete comprehension of the subject I am handling.
Finally, after a couple of months, I was able to come back but not for long as I was advised by my employer to leave my position because I was no longer effective on my job. That truly was a painful moment of my life, I was crying heading towards home. My daughter was just 2 years old back then. I didn’t know what to do, that was the first time I was told that they were a letting me go. Can you imagine the feeling? I was very emotional, depression struck me.

Whenever I lost hope, I always hold on to my belief. Hope you do too.

I did not want to eat nor talking to anyone. I want to die. Because I think I was too useless to live again. I could not think straight. I cried a lot.

Fast forward, my confidence level went really down. I was devastated. I was afraid to look for a job and tell the truth that I have disabilities, thinking that they will turn me down.
Now I need to earn extra money for my family. I had to sell whatever we possessed that can be turned into money.
But I know that money won’t last that long and cover our expenses, I said  I need to have a better plan, I need to decide. I need to reinvent myself.
I need to look for a job that will generate money that doesn’t require two hands to work. I had no idea in Sales but I tried selling Life Insurance.

Yeah, I sold some, to a few of my friends but I had to quit since it requires sales quota, next I tried to develop web sites. and sold some a well then I found a job in the as a clerk in a private office that welcomes my disabilities. It doesn’t require me to stand and talk longer hours, in fact, I can work on a computer using a single hand., updating their records.

After a few months.
I said I need to look for an alternative job to augment my income. I decided to conduct seminars to high schools and college students about my expertise, although that requires me to stand and talk for hours, I enjoyed doing it.
You see, I had to reinvent myself, I was forced to discover my weaknesses and do things that I can’t imagine I can do myself.
Since I have been reading a lot about my recovery and about entrepreneurship. I decided to join a seminar on perfume making business.
I thought it was s a very good opportunity for me and my family. I had to invest a few hundred dollars, to begin with. and I taught my wife whatever I learned from the perfume-making I attended.

My own Perfume Brand: Scents of Paris

Honestly, I lost a few jobs because of my physical disabilities and yet I learned so much.
It is indeed true that sometimes you have to lower your standard and maybe swallow your pride, accepting the job offers which is lower what you were normally receiving. I accepted a few job offers, although the compensation is way below my professional standards. I had to sign it and because I had to.
I have shown you from my previous article that I tried gardening, photography, and painting. If I would only allow myself to develop my skills further especially in Photography. I feel like I have a better chance. Only if I give myself time to improve it.
Stroke survivors like us have an opportunity to work in a small office that doesn’t require two hands in accomplishing the tasks. Although we might be a bit slower compare to those people who use two hands especially in computer jobs but the result is the same.
Now, please try to spend some time on what are the possible talents you have that you can further develop. you might want to consider developing it further, maybe in writing, consulting, gardening, web design, clerical works, speaking engagements like seminars. You might consider repackaging yourself to a new you.
Maybe managing your own Business,? If you like dogs, you can start a dog breeding business or maybe sports coaching? How about online selling, right?

Work from Home (WFH) or other calls it Remote jobs setup is getting popular these days, by providing services like web design article writing for blogs, how about graphics design, how about virtual assistant (VA), Customer Service, Technical Support, Administrative jobs, etc..

Popular sites where you can apply jobs that offer  Work from Home, check their sites and sign up.

  1. Upwork
  2. Craiglist
  3. Texting Factory
  4. We Work Remotely


I am not writing this article to make you feel envy or be jealous in some way, I want my fellow stroke survivors to  show that things could change their current emotional or physical conditions but I am offering here is a HOPE

After all the challenges, disappointments and rejections I had, now I  took the offer working as a Security Analyst.

The office building where I work.

Ma everyday lunch View

You can unlock the NEW you. Transform yourself. If I did, hope you can do it too!



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