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How to live your normal life after Stroke?


I am writing this article based on my personal experience on how I conquered the challenges I had during the first few months, years of my recovery.

This is my personal experience and how I define a normal life. My personal progress and physical development could be different from among others.

Don’t compare yourself with others about how they were able to quickly recover.Recovery is based on how massive the stroke was, based on our medical condition and age. There are a lot of things that can be considered. Patiend and willingness, counts

Improving myself is my primary goal, I set a deadline. After 2 months I was able to engage myself back to work. Although, I was still using my cane to support myself in walking. My body was still leaning towards my left.

We know that balance is really a challenge for Stroke survivors so to keep my balance I had to tuck my left hand in my pocket and it’s going to be unnoticeable to other people. And eventually, I no longer had to rely on and stopped using my cane, that improved my balance without the cane and the strength of my left leg was improving.

Since then, I felt like I slowly returning to my normal life because I can slowly move around the house, and did some leg exercises like walking in the street every morning and afternoon, do some house chores.
When I felt and regained my balance back, I hopped in my car and started driving and slowly learned things using my right hand to compensate for the weaknesses of my left hand.
I couldn’t imagine that I can tie my shoelace with the minor help from my left hand
I was doing this while I was doing my physical therapy.

What else did I do to divert my attention without being bored or start being,

Uhm…I hate to say this word. Because I don’t want want to feel being useless and want to go back to my normal life
So, What else did I do? Well, to become more useful and being productive during my Recover
I did the Laundry as well since my wife is working and she had no time to do the laundry. I thought that it was the only way I could help her. Tried doing it, and I enjoyed it though it was challenging at the same time. Because I want to prove that everything is going to be fine. I tried washing the car with all myself. I even started gardening, check them:

This my BlackBerry tree, that it almost died last Summer of May but it survived this June because it’s the start of the Rainy Season.

My Papaya trees.

My Tropical Plants

For me, getting back on my feet and started walking again made me realized that I am starting to live my normal life again. I can go to the grocery store all by myself to buy stuff.

What else, did I do?
I tried painting, yes! I am not a painter but here are my sample works:
Sharing these with you:

I also traveled and started enjoying things around me. These are sample photos I captured along the way.


Well, aside from doing physical Activities what I did was I went ahead continue educating myself like I did a lot of readings, researched and started to understand my medical condition. I started to learn the DO’s and DONT’S, I did not feed myself with worries and negativities, to drown and stress myself. There were times that I felt the guilt, and feeling sorry that lead me into this situation.
Although, sometimes we can’t avoid asking ourselves like,
Why me?

How would my family be if I don’t recover?

What would my life be like if I hadn’t had a Stroke?

Finally, when I started to go back to and got employed and accepted me and still believe in my skills despite my physical challenges.

But what’s done is done. Life must go on.

Despite all these, I am still very thankful because I was given a second chance to be with my family and sharing with you my story.
I am encouraging every survivor like me, although we might be facing different challenges let us learn to always maximize what’s being left. We should have the right attitude and patience.

If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

But, you’d start to feel and realize that you’re back on track when you live and start your day without being dependent and relying on someone’s help.

Wherever you are in today, I am telling that I have been there as well.

Surround yourself with positive people.

We’re in this together, we share the same feelings and experience. I cried I got depressed, I blamed myself

But, when I started to accept everything, what has happened,
I started to realize that everything should start with me. No one is going to help you other than yourself.

Hope you do too.

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