October 27

How to be your old self and recover fast after Stroke


I was already working in the IT industry for almost 8years, I had a 2-year-old baby during the time when I had my Stroke.

I had so many questions and worried me very much during the time that I was recovering from a Stroke.
Questions like: How would I return to my previous work? How would I perform my daily tasks? And I think the BIGGEST QUESTION was, How would I provide for my family?

I think these are just a few questions that a common person normally asks which sometimes lead to depression and sleepless nights.
there are a lot of things that I have to be very thankful during the past few years and most especially when I was healing my body. And that is my Family and friends Support.
During my Recovery, I usually sit alone, silent, talking to myself and asking tons of Question. Then, I realized that spending the whole day, sitting alone, and entertaining my questions would lead me nowhere. Yes, you could probably figure things out yourself but I am telling you it would be best if you start acting normal like you can start accepting friends to visit you and go out, walk around the village. It will make you feel Normal again at least for a few moments, Avoid locking down yourself inside your room.
You needed to do your usual daily activities, like visiting old friends, if you can, go out and watch a movie outside, do the Grocery, walk in the park. Outside World will help you recover.

Yes, I did all these, and the most special thing that I did during my Recovery was with my Family. With a very supportive and understanding wife and a daughter.

Be with your Strong pillars. Avoid answering everything on your head. Have someone beside you, someone you trust.

Stop worrying, it’s fine to be worried from time to time but not too much, you need to relax, enough Sleep and most importantly PRAY. This will be a good start to heal your body from this unforgettable life event and will help you to recover fast, from Stroke or any major life events that we will encounter.

Good luck to us.


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