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How Stress can Kill you and make you Sick?





The word itself Stress is a common word amongst us. We feel it when we are being challenged and the situation is uncontrollable and we are running out of time. Sometimes, it bores you when it’s not challenging you, right?

You lose your focus when you feel your intelligence is not being used.

Employees quit their jobs and look for a more challenging role outside work. If they think they can do more.

Are you one of them?

worl load

Traffic, deadlines, Bills, family, School, relationship, Work, and Health etc. These are just a few examples of the source of stress. Scenarios and things that happens maybe on a daily basis that are beyond your control.

You begin to worry and feeling under pressure, especially when you’re trying to put everything in order.


Stress is already part of our daily lives. It starts when you wake up in the morning. battling the early morning traffic, reports and meetings and all other related activities that you do.
Some of us think that Stress is negative. Stress becomes negative if you overworked yourself.

Thus, you notice people smokes, drinks alcohol and eats after facing a busy situation which damages their health. You might have seen these outside your building. And this is very common for people who deal with customers like working in a Call Center environment, Sales target, etc.

You would start to feel the pressure (Stress) when things do not fall according to your plan.

Smoking and drinking, are just a few ways of how other people de-stress themselves. People think they deserve these after an  8-hour work shift. These are their simple and quick ways to shake it off, thinking they feel refreshed and positive the next day.

However, since stress is already part of our daily lives they will do the same thing over and over again.

Too much of Anything is bad for you..

What if drinking is your way of de-stressing yourself? Maybe once a week or several times a month is fine but doing it in excess, is bad for the health. There are still ways to effectively De-Stress yourself.

Imagine, if you were doing that for years.

Excessive Alcohol can lead to Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis and Stroke.

dangers of alcohol drinking


Emotional eating aka Stress-eating, leads you to gain extra weight, and more likely to have to increase your blood pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and Stroke.


emotional eating

While Smoking increases the risk of Ulcers, Cardiovascular Disease Asthma Cancer, Impotence, Emphysema, and Stroke,etc.

dangers of smoking

Can you now imagine where could these lead you?


But Stress is not always about a headache because you overthink. Stress can also be positive. Really, how?

good stress

We call this “Good Stress“. A job promotion or starting out business is a good motivation that will keep you going.

You know that you are facing different challenges but you enjoy every step of it. Because you know to yourself that it will yield in the future.

It brings out the best in you.

 How can stress kill me?

When you are experiencing stress, your body reacts to it and show obvious results. Like, it increases your blood Pressure,  heart rate, poor immune system and developing Chronic Stress.

According to Studies, unmanaged Stress can lead to more serious and life-threatening health problems. Like Heart Attacks, Kidney Disease and the worst of all is Cancer.

And these are the possible results that stress can bring you and how it can kill you.

You need to breathe, take a walk and have a small talk with someone. You need some time to de-stress yourself. You can start talking to someone without alcohol or smoke. there are a lot of ways to do it.

How about, shopping? Girls love this…

Shopping always puts a sweet smile on a woman’s face.

woman shopping

Perhaps playing sports with your friends. Travel and start seeing beautiful places or start cooking.? Be with someone who would a smile on your face.

Timeout. Take a break. It’s good for your health.

Watch the video below and understand the Good vs Bad Stress, enjoy!

[fve] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPPZ2xrDZ9Y[/fve]




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