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Fatigue and too much Sleep after Stroke


 Fatigue and too much Sleep after Stroke

It is normal for everyone to feel tired sometimes and it is part of our day to day lives.Stroke survivors and people who are recovering from serious medical illnesses like Cancer and such would feel like they are lacking energy and strength.
Some stroke survivors define this as tiredness or fatigue.

And  it’s very confusing at first because you feel very sleepy however you were not engaged in any physical activities, therefore, you’d say you’re tired and needed some quality sleep.

Tiredness and fatigue are two different things.Tiredness is the result of your daily physical activities or lifestyle causes. Like, you haven’t got enough sleep during the previous nights and didn’t get enough rest.While fatigue is related to medical illnesses because your body is recovering, like Stroke or Cancer.

What is Post -Stroke Fatigue?

The study reveals that more than half of the stroke survivors experience fatigue during the early days or months of recovery and even years.It’s a constant concern.
Both physical and emotional triggers this, and has a very disappointing side effect and makes you feel that you have completely drained all your strength.It’s the unexplainable feeling of exhaustion.Daily activities such as walking or dressing require more energy, compare it during the days prior to your stroke attack. Anything that is related to physical movements requires more energy.



Causes of Post-Stroke Fatigue


Insomnia or Sleep apnea, which affects the quality of your sleep during night thus makes you feel sleepy during the day after your Stroke.
You may also consider the medication that you are taking which could have potential side effects and your doctor could check this.

Fatigue is linked to medical illnesses where your body is recovering from it, and not related to any previous activity and how busy or active you were. No matter how mild or severe the stroke was.

Depression after stroke is very common to survivors which require energy.

The fear of having another stroke which makes you feel a bit uneasy and concern.

Unfortunately, sleeping or hours of rest won’t make you feel better nor improve fatigue, because it is not similar to being tired (feeling tired)and resting is not a solution to regain your strength.

Why do you feel so sleepy?

If you feel sleepy during the day, don’t worry because it’s completely normal. You need to understand that your brain suffered a serious injury and it needs a complete rest to heal.

Drowsy days or sleepiness during the day is a sign of Depression, where your emotion is involved.

Having a Sleep disorder like insomnia could be the culprit of why you feel so sleepy.
Listen to your body and sleep if it dictates you, don’t ignore it.

Your health status is no longer the same as before.

Sleeping is one of the most important ingredients of recovery after stroke.

Jill Bolte Taylor

Fatigue can decrease you to perform exercises and requires more energy to complete which makes you feel that your strength was completely drained.

Treatment for Post-Stroke Fatigue

There is no available treatment for Post -Stroke Treatment however proper management can help you lift it.

Whenever your body tells you to rest like sleeping. Don’t ignore it, listen to it. Sleeping will help you rewire your brain.

Regular exercise like a treadmill can help you improve fatigue. Perform some small physical activities on a daily basis although it’s difficult but take it from there, slowly.

Consult your doctor to identify if some of your medications are the culprit of your fatigue.












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