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Can’t Sleep after Stroke


Difficulty in Sleeping after Stroke, a Disorder

 Difficulty in Sleeping after Stroke

Getting enough sleep after stroke is needed to help our body to heal quickly since our brain has suffered an injury and needs to rewire and repair itself for fast recovery, and getting a good night rest is important, however, the problem is opposite, you Can’t  Sleep after Stroke.

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Most people who had a stroke may have some sleep disorders that you yourself or your bed partner would notice.
Poor body rest can slow your recovery.

Common Sleep problems after stroke:



This is defined as trouble sleeping at night. Insomnia can be considered a sleep disorder if this continues for a long period of time. It can be irritating on your end because it will affect your entire health. And could possibly lead depression and another stroke.
But there are simple ways to cure insomnia:

1. sleep at your scheduled time, like same time every day

2. avoid caffeinated drink like coffee or tea and sugary foods before sleeping


Sleep Apnea

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– is another type of Sleep Disorder Breathing(SDB) which affects 2/3 of Stroke survivors and caused by Abnormal Breathing patterns.SDB has health risks because it can raise your Blood Pressure, Blood Clot and could lead to another Stroke.
Loud snoring, Choking and gasping sounds during your sleep may mean you have sleep apnea.

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SleepWake Cycle

Where a Stroke Survivor is no longer being affected by sunlight and darkness. And waking schedule during the morning is difficult for the Stroke survivor to do.
It is recommended to consult and talk to your doctor if you think you have sleep disorders to officially diagnosed the problem and may put you on a sleep test called Polysomnogram(PSG). This will study your sleep patterns.

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Can Sleep Disorders be treated?

sleep disorder

Yes, with the help of your Sleep health specialists as they can provide you the best possible options based on your health conditions.

  • Prescription medicines are usually given to patients to treat their sleep disorder condition.
  • the most popular and effective treatment is called CPAP or Continous positive Airway breathing assistance. a machine or breathing assistance that uses air to open up your airways.









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