How to Improve Memory and Focus After Stroke

Stroke, by far is a devastating illness. Those lucky enough not to succumb to death during its fatal attack, leave patients in a debilitating condition. A stroke survivor could experience cognitive impairment after stroke. One-third of them experience cognitive impairment. This is associated with memory loss, difficulty with attention and concentration. Remembering events, activities or […]

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What are the risk factors of Stroke?

There are several factors that can affect an individual from having a stroke. Health conditions, lifestyle habits and other unavoidable circumstances to increase the possibilities of having a stroke. Risk Factors Smoking -Not only damage your lung but your blood vessels as well. and smoking increases your blood Pressure and heart rate.And High Blood Pressure […]

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5 Tips to Lower your Blood pressure

  High Blood Pressure is one of the Primary cause of Stroke and the main factor of Heart Disease, Kidney Problems, Artery Disease, Heart Failure, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss and sexual dysfunction. One of the leading cause of death in some other countries.High blood Pressure aka as Hypertension is when the Blood Pressure in […]

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