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5 Ways to prevent another Stroke


We have heard so much about Stroke and its a fact that it has killed millions of people around the world as it ranks number 2 behind Coronary Heart Disease and it labeled as among the top 10 deadly Diseases worldwide.
Stroke Survivors must have felt lucky enough and thankful enough for the 2nd life that was given to them, most especially to those who had more than once.

Most survivors do not wish to have another stroke thus they tried to search and how to prevent another stroke. Because they may never know if another chance will be given to them. Most survivors if not all wanted to live longer after the first attack and they tried to be very careful and change the way how they live.

Lifestyle Change it is!.


5 Natural Ways to prevent another Stroke

Ways to prevent another StrokeWays to prevent another Stroke

This could be one of the questions of a stroke survivor after being hit by a mild or massive Stroke.

Stroke is no Joke. it’s very traumatic

Preventing Another Stroke is one of the reasons why doctors need to monitor your Blood Pressure, Blood Chemistry, heart conditions, Blood Sugar, etc., on a regular basis. Depends on the cause of your Stroke. Being hit by another Stroke attack right after a few months or years is something that a Stroke Survivor is preventing to happen. Because you will consider yourself lucky if you survived it, Therefore, the question is, How can you prevent another Stroke? Are there any possible Ways to Prevent Another Stroke?

To prevent another Stroke Attack, better read along and follow the following ways to prevent another Stroke.

Prevention is always better than cure.

For sure, those people who had a stroke or survived it would wish to have another attack and as much as possible want to prevent another stroke as it was very traumatic and scary because it will cause your life. As you’ll never know if you’ll survive it again or face the worst, DEATH.

Normally, survivors are looking for ways to prevent another Stroke. They tend to be more cautious about what they eat and leave their old lifestyle and start following  Ways of Preventing another  Stroke.

If there were a hundred ways of preventing it. Survivors would follow them religiously and seriously.

As much as possible, Survivors wanted to bring their old them. Wish they could turn back time or wish did not abuse their body.

There are only two scenarios you may expect, either you live (Survive it) or die. My apologies for being straightforward.

Personally, I  follow these tips, hope you do too.


Lifestyle Change to Prevent  Stroke

This means a lot.

Change has always been a challenge for everyone and it’s been around us for a long time. Technology, economy, financially, etc. Obviously, if there are things that we are not used to we tend to complain, we are having some difficulties, we even sometimes enter the stage of depression and we tend to adjust to the new situation.

Change of Lifestyle could be one of the difficult challenges to conquer.

Are you ready to start? Let’s talk about the Lifestyle Change that you’re about to do.

Remember, it’s a long-term commitment. If you want to be healthy or healthier than before, you have to be ready, emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s not a joke

Let’ admit it, fried, junk and processed foods are the ones loaded with salt or Sugar and very unhealthy to consume. But still, most people love it. And they are your most comfortable food, right?Because they are easy to prepare and accessible everywhere.

But when your doctor advised you to change your Lifestyle. Because it increases your Bad Cholesterol, your Sugar Level, Triglycerides, etc.

No more  “But’s and maybe”.

The reason, because these are the primary keys to trigger another Stroke.

You have no other choice but to follow the advice unless you want you to meet your Creator the soonest possible. Which you don’t want to happen, Correct?


 1.Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Our First on the list is smoking. Gradually, stop smoking.

Smoking, as everybody knows, exposes your health to a greater risk not only those known diseases such as the following cancers: mouth, throat, larynx, lung, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder, stomach, cervix and acute myeloid leukemia. As tobacco smoke contains 4,000 harmful chemicals. Smoking kills.

2.  Limit Alcohol 


Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking a large amount of alcohol can greatly expose your health to another Stroke As alcohol increases your High Blood Pressure. And High Blood Pressure is the key ingredient for Stroke.


Limit Alcohol Intake

Unaware of the risk of drinking too much alcohol, that it can trigger Atrial Fibrillation(palpitation) that increases the risk of Stroke.

In other words, AF or Atrial Fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to Blood Clots, heart failure, and other heart complications.

Alcohol intake is not advisable while on medication especially if you’re on antibiotics. As antibiotics would likely to interfere with Alcohol.Medication mixing with Alcohol could lead to :

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Increase in Blood Pressure
  • Accidents
  • Loss of Coordination

May increase the Risk of complications, like:

  • Liver Damage
  • Heart Problems
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Impaired Breathing
  • Depression


Penicillin or Amoxicillin are the most common types of Antibiotics.

Always consult your most trusted doctor about their recommendations when it comes to Alcohol consumption.

Remember, too much of everything is dangerous, so Drink Moderately.



 3. Don’t Skip the prescribed medicines!

Taking prescribed medicines is very important to control and to avoid further damage as these medicines will treat and improve  your health condition

Whenever you travel, and the trip would last for days. Ensure that your prescribed medicines are prepared properly.

In case, you are taking a different dosage of medicines for the blood thinner, have them prepared in a small medicine box, arrange them properly based on your dosage per day.

Here at least, you rest assured that you won’t be skipping your prescribed medicines.

Don't Skip the prescribed medicines

4. Maintain Blood Pressure.

It is seriously important to watch and maintain a healthy level of Blood Pressure as it exposes your health to a higher Risks of another Stroke.If Blood Pressure is not controlled to a Normal level .Having a High Blood Pressure has no obvious symptoms and can put your health at a higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, Kidney Diseases and Stroke and worst death.

It is advisable to control your High Blood Pressure, as early as now.


5.Exercise more

Keeping yourself fit has a lot of good benefits like, as it keeps your bones strong, burn calories, improves blood circulation. These are just one of the few benefits of doing exercise. At least 30 minutes of Physical Activity is the general goal.

Top reasons why  Exercising is good for your health

  1. Boost happiness levels

  2. Reduce your risk of heart disease naturally

  3. Sleep better

  4. Get an energy boost

  5. Increase strength and flexibility

  6. Improve memory

  7. Increase self-confidence

  8. Perform better at work

  9. Become less susceptible to disease

  10. Live Longer












Photos used on this page is courtesy of www.pixabay.com


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