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10 Benefits of Why  Good Night Sleep is Ideal for Everyone.


Sleeping does not make you lazy but an essential part to stay healthy and taking good care of your whole body. Discover the following reasons(benefits) why you need to start completing a good night’s rest, most especially if you are recovering from an injury or illness?

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Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

Some people think that staying up late makes them accomplished more and probably getting things done. We call them night owls. You may be accomplishing and covering more tasks but you may be hurting your health in the long run.

In today’s generation, staying up late and sleeping in the morning is very common and usual because of Work and studies. But for those people who have a normal work shift (Day Shift)schedules, they spend extra hours browsing their facebook, mobile games or Netflix.

Are you guilty of these reasons, why you sleep that late?

A good night- sleep should never be underestimated and we need to pay attention and start appreciating the key benefits of having a complete and good night’s sleep. And people are now beginning to understand its benefits and importance to their health and well being.

There are a lot of good reasons why you need to go to sleep early because of the following Key Benefits of a Complete Sleep:

Benefits of a Good Night Sleep


1.Reduces Stress

Working in the Corporate environment is highly competitive, series of meetings, catching up deadlines, meeting sales targets, emails. Do you think you can deal with these tasks on a day to day basis? This is just your work alone, how about your personal life, your family, etc. Believe it or not, your stress level would skyrocket.

Working long hours may translate to long-term stress problems. It might seem productive but you are putting yourself in a life-threatening side of being productive.

Physiological and psychological arousal increases whenever you feel stress where your body and mind tells you to enter the relax ad restorative sleep.

2.Improves memory

Information can be taken and processed in a quick and in a careful manner because we can focus better and productive as we commit lesser mistakes.

Our brain can easily process information like remembering and learning things with accuracy without difficulties like piano lessons which require some speed and focus. This is because of the center of the brain that controls the speed is far more active compared to those who were deprived of sleep.

Students are being advised to review their papers for their examination in the early morning soon as they wake up because the brain is well-rested and can retain more information.


3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Research shows that a middle-aged adult can increase the risk of High Blood Pressure by 37% for every hour of sleep they lose.

Although, high blood pressure is hereditary., there are natural ways to counter and Lowers Blood Pressure like the change of Lifestyle including eating a healthy diet and exercise and of course, getting enough sleep

7-8 hours of sleep as recommended for adults, aged 26- 64.

4.Improves Immune System

Lack of sleep weakens our immune system to fight sickness once we get exposed to a virus. Recovery can also affect how quick you heal based on the quality of your sleep.

Continuous good night sleep helps your body to fight infectious diseases like Fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea and muscle pains.

5.Maintains Weight

There are tons of available ways to maintain weight but the most effective are eating the right foods and proper exercise. It has been known to a group of researchers and scientists about the relationship between weight and sleep. People who get fewer hours of sleep are more likely to become obese than those who sleep more than 8 hours.

People who are sleep deprived tend to eat more and require more energy and are consuming unhealthy foods like sugary sweets, chocolates, and soda, etc. Lack of Sleep also slow slows down their metabolism which they gain additional weight.

It affects the balance of hormones in the body that affect appetite.

6.Better mood

Got up on the wrong side of the bed

Perhaps, some of you if not most heard this phrase or been to this kind of feeling where you had your bad night, unmotivated, irritated, and dragging your feet. When you never had a good night’s sleep, these are the obvious results, that you’d feel tired and out of focus.

Our mood depends on how good our sleep was. For grown-up adults, sleeping 7- 8 hours is considered enough but those people who are deprived of sleep like 5 hours or several nights can turn their mood. Insomnia, Stress, depression and blue lights from your mobile phones are the possible reasons for a night of poor sleep.

7.Reduce the chance of Diabetes

According to the World Health Organization, Diabetes is included among the top 10 deadly diseases in the world.

While there are other factors for Diabetes, like family history, your diet itself, including your weight and your sleep habits.Sleep and Diabetes work hand in hand. The lesser you sleep the more chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Sleep deprivation decreases your insulin level. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulates blood sugar also known as glucose.

And while you stay awake, your body also releases the cortisol, a stress hormone that helps you stay awake. Where a low level of insulin cannot break the sugar into your bloodstream, and the result more Blood  Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes will start developing.

You might want to manage your sleeping habits and control the use of gadgets that emits  Blue light like, mobile phone.

8.Healthier Heart

We are all aware of a healthy lifestyle like eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, keeping the ideal weight, Normal Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and avoid smoking or better quit it.

To protect our hearts, all we need is to improve our sleeping habits and stress management. Palpitations or shortness of Breath are both heart-related symptoms. Less than six hours of sleep puts your heart at risk of Heart Disease.

9.Makes you Smarter

This does not directly mean that sleeping makes you smarter but it helps you maintain a good memory. This allows you to be more efficient and process the information quicker.

Several studies have proven that people especially students who napped can easily recall and pull things together that allow them to solve problems like navigating a complex maze as opposed to those students who didn’t nap.

For those students who are preparing for the long Quiz the next day, they can easily recall all the important points when reviewing in the early morning, because their brain is well-rested. The result is better when they prepare themselves for the brain-draining exams.

10. Improves your Sex Life

Sleep Deprivation is known to influence your mood which may drop your sex drive. According to research done by the University of Chicago, says that men who only slept less than 5 hours show a dropped off of 10-15 %  level of hormone compared to men who slept 7-9  hours. This Hormone is called Testosterone that is related to libido.

While a separate study was done, where 171 women who went a complete sleep. And the results say that women have a higher level of sexual desire for each extra hour of sleep and a 14% increase in sexual activity the next day.

And, women with complete sleep shows that they have more vaginal lubrication during intercourse compare than those with shorter sleep.

11. May help prevent Cancer

During sleep, our brain releases one hormone called Melatonin which acts as an anti-oxidant and stops the further damage of DNA that can lead to Cancer.

A complete and good night’s sleep may be a powerful shield against cancer and favorable treatment for cancer progression.

12.Makes you more Alert

Decision making is affected when an individual is deprived of sleep. Few several accidents caused by excessive sleep deficits like Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, Exxon Oil spill, and the 1986 Challenger Space shuttle explosion.

According to studies, no matter how we tried to make the right decision when sleeplessness strikes, a short circuit in the brain happens and prevented us from the ability to pick the right choice.Because it impairs our cognition and attention and more likely to commit more mistakes.


13. May Reduce the Risk of Depression

Depression is a serious disease and has several causes like stressful life events, and medical conditions to life major events. What accompanies depression is insomnia itself and depression will only be treated once insomnia is resolved through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy uses techniques that address the mental factors to overcome worry and negative emotions that make people unable to sleep. Let people sleep and depression will be quickly and effectively fixed.



14. Helps the body to repair itself

According to one of these articles, aside from the medication that you are taking to recover, sleeping is a very important part of recovery as Sleeping helps our body to heal from an injury or trauma and damage also protects our body against illness. One very good example where sleeping is needed is Brain-injury aka Stroke.


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